The unrelenting monsoon rains of the past two years could not prepare us to take precautionary measures. This is a yardstick of our average state of watchfulness towards a likely calamity. One had wished that the government would take strong measures including dams and barrages in order to prevent the flooding but as usual, the season has come only to claim many an innocent life. Large swathes of land with crops have been submerged which would result in financial loss to the families. There is also the possibility of food shortage becoming a real problem in the days to come as the quantum of harvest has been gradually decreasing owing to yearly floods. The deaths so far have been close to 100, which brings home the scale of destruction as well as the intensity of the monsoon. The fact that the province that has been hit hard happens to be the home town of the ruling PPP also has made little impact in terms of rescue and relief operations.As reports in media confirm, people are stranded in many of the areas waiting for the authorities to pick them up and resettle them in safer places. Sindh can secure itself permanently from floods, with the construction of large dams and no one more than Kalabagh Dam. An awareness campaign to remove doubts about the project must be initiated so as to go about the construction work. This is all the more necessary since Bhasha Dam – which is almost a decade away – is not specifically designed to prevent floods. The KPK province where the flooding is also at its violent needs to be convinced as well that it could benefit a lot from Kalabagh’s construction.