Chief of Awami Muslim League (AML) Sheikh Rasheed has said that Nawaz Sharif would regret over the 18,19 and 20 amendments entire his life. Talking to newsmen here at Civil Lines on Sunday he claimed that all the political leaders were the product of dictatorship, which were introduced from cantonments and they all give eggs beneath the shoes of the army men. He said that such people were chanting the slogan of democracy, while democracy itself was a sanctuary for all corrupt and negative elements. He predicted that if the general elections would not held on time then there would be a selection not election. Adding that except imposing financial emergency the assembly would not carry on even for a day. He said there was no any problem with Imran Khan and the time will say that with whom he will make an alliance. Adding that he said ‘PTI is a large party while his party has limited seats.’ Latter he announced that his party would hold a procession in Gowala Mandi on September 28 and at Railway ground Khanewal on October 5.