ISLAMABAD - Pakistan Bar Council (PBC) passed a resolution to strongly condemn the airing of blasphemous video clips about the Holy Prophet (PBUH) in the United State at the eve of 11th anniversary of 9/11 which has deeply hurt the Muslims world over.

It is most unfortunate that this heinous act and conscious attempt to create and promote hatred amongst various religions, has deliberately targeted Muslims and their religion Islam knowing well that Muslims can never tolerate even slightest contemptuous remarks against their Holy Prophet (PBUH). The inaction of the US government against makers of the heinous movie and ever-ready support and encouragement to them by Florida Pastor Terry John is most condemnable.

The Council notes with strongest condemnation the double standards of the USA and the Western World towards Muslims and their religion.

The Pakistan Bar Council, therefore, calls upon the legal fraternity of Pakistan to observe complete strike and Black Day on 17-09-2012 and hold protest meetings in their Bar premises and take out rallies to condemn in strongest word the airing of blasphemous video to show their unflinching love to the Holy Prophet (PBUH) and also warn all responsible to be careful or face the consequence.”

Pursuant to the above resolution the lawyers throughout Pakistan will observe complete strike and Black Day on Monday, the 17th September, 2012 by holding protest meetings and taking out rallies in and around premises of their respective Bar Associations in condemn the strongest terms the heinous act of airing blasphemous video.