The government has dropped the petrol and CNG bombs on the masses by approving a hefty increase in the prices of most of the petroleum products and CNG. The ministry of finance has approved the proposal forwarded by Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) seeking an upward revision in the prices of petroleum products with the exception of diesel. The new prices would go in affect midnight tonight for a duration of one week under the weekly mechanism to review the prices of POL products. According to the approval, the price of petrol has been raised by Rs 6.82 pushing the price to Rs 106.72 a litre. This is the gretest increase in the price of petroleum ever. The price of CNG is approved to be increased by Rs 6.20 a kilogram. The new retail prce of CNG in Punjab and Khyber Pakhtwankhwa would now be Rs 97.69 a kilo. The price of kerorsene oil is also increased and now its new price would be Rs 104.68 a litre. The price of high speed diesel is slashed by Rs 1.74 a litre while the price of light speed diesel is reduced by Rs 0.14 a litre.