ISLAMABAD (FAISAL HAKEEM) - Pakistan sustained a loss of $5 billion over the past 13 years because of the decrease in water inflow in Jhelum which led to the decline in hydro-power generation.

On the other hand, two million acre feet (MAF) of water has been sent downstream of Kotri during the current season.

Quoting knowledgeable sources, Waqt News reported that India, in violation of Indus Basin Treaty, is setting up dams on rivers flowing into Pakistan.

Mangla Dam, which generated some 6,000MW in the past is producing only 4,000MW at present because of the decrease in water inflow. To make up the shortage, Pakistan would have to rely more on thermal power, a prescription which will cost the country additional $500 million in a year.

Sources say Pakistan has not taken up the matter with India. In fact, it has completed the Mangla Upraising Project at a cost of one trillion rupees. It has raised the reservoirs capacity to 3 MAF. However, it would be filled to capacity only once in five years.