ISLAMABAD – Member National Assembly and Special Assistant to Prime Minister, Shahnaz Wazir Ali said Saturday that whole Parliament was shocked over the manhandling of Member National Assembly Ali Musa Gilani by officials of the Anti-Narcotics Force as he was coming to the Supreme Court for hearing of his bail petition.

A privilege motion is being presented in the National Assembly over the incident, she informed in a statement. An elected MNA was forcibly pulled out of his vehicle, manhandled and dragged by the ANF officials, inflicting injury to his knee, which is highly deplorable and unacceptable, said Shahnaz. She said the privilege of an MNA has been compromised by act of government functionaries who are being paid salaries out of taxpayers’ money.

The act, she added, has hurt the sentiments of the 90,000 voters who elected the member and all members of Parliament at large. Regardless of the details of the case, no civilised society can accept such behaviour by an official of a law-enforcing agency, she added.

The member had bowed before the Supreme Court and was at the premises of the court when he was manhandled by a government official. Such open display of contempt for public representatives and the court with impunity cannot be condoned. She called for exemplary punishment for those indulging in reckless use of authority so that no one dares hold the Supreme Court and elected public representatives in contempt in future.