KARACHI  – Three ships arrived at Port Qasim to discharge chemical at EVTL containers at QICT and project cargo at MW-3 on Friday last.

Berth occupancy was maintained at 43pc as a total number of four ships namely M.V Anayan Naree, M.T Asphalt Merchant, M.V Venus Triumph, M.T Harsanadi, M.T Arietes, M.V Lantau Arrow currently occupied berths to load/offload corn, crude oil, containers, bitumen chemical.

Cargo handling operation were carried out smoothly as cargo volume of 22,749 tonnes comprising 16,671 tonnes of imports, 5,443 tonnes of exports and 627 (Tues) was handled during last 24 hours.

M.T Arietes sailed on Friday afternoon. M.T Asphalt Merchant, M.V Venus Triumph, M.V Lantau Arrow sailed on Saturday morning. M.V MSC Jade arrived at QICT on Saturday.