LAHORE– Punjab Governor Sardar Latif Khan Khosa said on Sunday that a strong and stable system depended on the continuity of democratic process wherein lay solution to all problems.

Talking to a delegation of the People’s Lawyers Forum (PLF) from Jhang on Saturday, the governor said ballots was the means of expressing faith in democracy and the masses could not be denied this right.

Khosa said the country would be strong and stable and make progress in every field only when everyone would share efforts to strengthen democracy. He said the PPP government believed in collective wisdom through which it had, in consultation with the Opposition, sorted out many issues that had been lingering for years.

The governor said the PPP government did not want any confrontation between the institutions since the country did not afford the politics of hatred any more. The PPP, he said, had adhered to the programme of public prosperity in the past and in future also it would stick to this mission.

The party will not leave any stone unturned that is necessary for the betterment of the people, said Khosa, adding that that the PPP government would ensure free and fair elections in the country so that people could freely exercise their right to franchise,.