RAWALPINDI  - Growing street crimes in Dhok Jumma have become source of perpetual agony to the residents of the area.

With the advent of evening, every street of the area assumes deserted look as the fear of becoming victim at the hands of any dacoit or criminal starts gripping every resident, said Muhammad Sharif, a school teacher.

We shut our shops for fear of any misadventure by the thieves, as incidents of looting shops have become a common phenomenon, said Ali Muhammad a shopkeeper.

We cannot go to market alone or even in the form of groups as in no moment we stand deprived of our purses and mobile phones in broad daylight. This state of affairs has confined us to indoors and we cannot move to market even to buy vegetables and other commodities, said a group of ladies.

Every day some motorcycle or car is lifted before our eyes and we can do nothing as the criminals, carrying arms silence to death whosoever tries to intercept them, said Muhammad Din a resident.

We are forced to shift from this area, as we cannot leave our children at the mercy of the criminals and robbers, said Shafiq Ahmad, a resident.

Residents demanded a police operation against the anti-social elements, criminals and thieves in the area otherwise they will go on roads to hold protest demonstrations.