PESHAWAR – Pakistan on Saturday closed the Torkham border crossing owing to security concerns.

Official sources confirmed that the border was sealed because of various reasons, including strong resentment among the people over the anti-Islam film by a US Jew and in the back drop of several attacks by militants from the Afghan side of the border.

Torkham crossing is one of the main entry points for vehicles transporting supplies to the Nato forces stationed in Afghanistan.

During the recent months, Afghan militants crossed into Pakistan and conducted a number of attacks on security forces and population residing near the border causing huge human and property losses.

Meanwhile, at least seven suspected militants were killed and three of their hideouts were destroyed as the security forces continued pounding the extremists in Upper Orakzai Agency.

According to military sources, the security forces shelled indiscriminately on the militants’ strongholds in the hilly area of Mamozai and Kharzai, killing seven of them, while three hideouts were demolished.