The news that a DC in Hangu slapped a sweeper over lack of cleanliness was astonishing. I won't comment as to whether the sweeper was, or not, carrying out his duty properly, my concern as a citizen is weather a DC is authorized to beat a subordinate government servant? What clause or section of the law and constitution permits him to slap even a low-scale government official? What would be the reaction of electronic and print media if a DC were slapped or beaten by a senior minister, or a CM of a province? What hue and cry would have been heard from all corners of Pakistan?

The CM of KP is requested to take to task the DC concerned by awarding him due punishment; the least punishment could be for the DC to apologize to the grieved official. The Peshawar High Court, headed by the Chief Justice, Mr. Dost Mohammad Khan is also requested to take suo motto action against the bureaucrat. Who else can be expected to side with the aggrieved ones?


Charsadda, September 13.