In view of the simmering deadlock between Imran Khan and Mian Sahib about the demand for resignation of the Prime Minister, there is another out of the box choice that Imran Khan could adopt for the best interests of the nation. He could ask Mian Sahib to announce the building of Kalabagh dam by use of his massive mandate or leave the job if he could not muster enough strength to justify his Tiger’s reputation.

In the background of the current flood disaster and the lack of dams, to store water, now is the opportunity to dangle this carrot before Mian Sahib, to save his skin or to go under, if he flinches. This solution would redeem the honour of both the parties and would be a ‘win-win situation’ for all concerned to the lasting benefit of Pakistan. This is a sure way to end the stalemate which has so far proved to be a Gordian knot defying resolution. This solution would please all political parties if achieved by resolute judgment of our leaders.


Lahore, September 11.