Anyone who reads ‘official statements’ with even a rudimentary critical analysis will find it hard to deny that the crisis in Ukraine is perpetuated by the Russian government (read Putin). It is ironic that while US and its allies has raised a hue and cry it is their own methods that Russia is employing. In Libya, Syria and to some extent Egypt, “rebels” sprang up in the country, secretly armed and backed by the West, which then later had to step in to help bring the peace. This happened directly in Libya, through el-Sisi in Egypt, and was attempted in Syria as well. Without needing to show much creativity, Putin has used the same tried and tested formula in Ukraine. Russian troops in Ukraine are “volunteers”, the rebels are “separatists”, involvement is vehemently denied, and the Russian bear is always there - ready to maul it’s way in.

The West’s blindly partisan support of Israel and these thinly veiled policies have left it with no moral standpoint to call out Russia, something Putin is aware of. While the US and company tackle yet another monster they themselves had a role in creating – the Islamic State – Russia can consolidate. The ceasefire signed between the Ukrainian forces and the rebels on September 5 is under strain as heavy fighting breaks out sporadically and artillery fire is a daily event. Meanwhile rifts have emerged in the Ukrainian government as the new prime minister openly said, “Russia is striving to restore the Soviet Union and eliminate Ukraine”. The conflict is heating up as NATO is planning on holding a military exercise near Ukraine in a show of force and its member states have started sending military equipment to the embattled government.

With the west bogged down in multiple conflict zones, Putin’s unbridled ambition can run unchecked. It is only a matter of time before the west will have to draw a line in the sand. Will Putin respect that line? One can only hope.