Protest demonstrations will be held across Azad Jammu and Kashmir on Wednesday (today) to against the recent imposition of ban on slaughtering of cow and the sale of beef in Indian-held Kashmir, the AJK government announced.

A call for the protest demonstrations has been given by the AJK government against the recent decision of the Indian occupied Jammu & Kashmir High Court imposing ban on the beef across the Indian occupied Jammu and Kashmir under 83-year-old colonial law.

The agitation across AJK including Mirpur district will be primarily to protest and reject the ban, said Mirpur Deputy Commissioner and National Events Organizing Committee Mirpur Chairman Amjad Iqbal while talking to this Correspondent.

AJK is all set to experience a complete shutdown as a protest against the court’s decision to implement a 83-year old law banning beef in the internationally-acknowledged Indian-occupied Jammu & Kashmir state.

Rallies in all the major AJK cities including district and Tehsil headquarters will be the hallmark of the day. Besides, all the businesses, shops and government offices will be closed and public transport will stay off the roads during the protest to show their dissatisfaction over the decision.