islamabad - The cattle traders have set up another cattle market outside the designated premises and are escaping fee; thus causing a loss of millions of rupees per day to national exchequer.

As the Capital Development Authority’s (CDA) repeated requests to the local police high-ups to check steady flow of cattle from the designated plot in I-12/2 to the adjacent sector of I-11/4 seem to have fallen on deaf ears, the cattle owners continue moving towards the illegal site with no action on part of the Sabzi Mandi police to check the trend. The district administration has also imposed section 144 of the PPC to ban establishing illegal sale points of the cattle but Sabzi Mandi police are maintaining inaction apparently due to pressure from the cattle traders.

The traders are moving from the limits of Shams Colony police station (designated site) to the jurisdiction of Sabzi Mandi police station. The CDA had auctioned the cattle market site against over Rs 10 million but the contractor is facing revenue loss because the traders are escaping fee as the former can collect fee from within the designated site only. The CDA fears if the contractor continues with the revenue losses, it could recover but little of the bid price from him.

The CDA had requested the Sabzi Mandi and Shams Colony police to deploy sufficient cops for watch and ward duty to provide peaceful environment in the cattle market. The CDA believes that inaction on part of the concerned police led to the establishment of illegal sale point in I-11/4.

According to sources, the assistant director municipal administration CDA has written a letter to SHO police station Sabzi Mandi asking him to do the needful to check illegal sale points of cattle in the area. The CDA letter said it has established a designated municipal cattle market at I-12/2 Islamabad for facilitation of general public to buy the sacrificial animals. However, a few individuals have established the sale points in I-11/4 and surrounding areas. The deputy commissioner ICT has also imposed ban on establishing illegal sale points under section 144 of the PPC. These people have been warned by CDA and local police to shift to the designated place but they are violating the lawful directives of the government officials, said the CDA letter to the Sabzi Mandi police. It further said that the traders are causing hindrance to traffic and also becoming source of public nuisance due to unhygienic conditions. “They (cattle traders) are also escaping the government taxes and fee and causing loss to the government,” it added and requested the local police to lodge a case under relevant provisions of the law against these illegal cattle traders.

When contacted Sabzi Mandi police said cattle traders had moved to I-11/4 much before the CDA’s announcement for designated area in sector I-12/2. “The CDA issued the notification late and the cattle traders had already set up their camps in sector I-11/4. We are not to be blamed for the illegal market,” said a police officer at Sabzi Mandi police station on condition of anonymity. “We are ready to do the needful and check illegal sale points but the CDA will have to lead the operation. We are just for their assistance,” he added.

Furthermore, Sabzi Mandi police, on the request of CDA, registered a criminal case against the traders following the negotiations between the traders and local administration on vacating the illegal site failed. The deadlock between both the sides continues with CDA hinting at operation to achieve the objectives.

Meanwhile, Islamabad police have arrested 10 outlaws from various areas of the city and recovered narcotics, weapons and snatched car from their possession, a police spokesman said. He said Shalimar police arrested a drug pusher Nawazish and recovered 1.220 kilograms hashish from him. Margalla police arrested Tahir for having a 30-bore pistol while anti-car lifting cell of Islamabad nabbed Kamran for having a pistol. Golra police arrested Shahbaz and recovered one 30-bore pistol along with ammunition from him while Tarnol police recovered two 30-bore illicit pistols, one 12-bore gun along with ammunition from accused Naeem Akhtar. Koral police arrested Bakht Munir for having 30-bore pistol while Karachi Company police nabbed Najeeb, Abul Rehman and Raheem for their alleged involvement in snatching cab (LEB-8927) from Wajid Ali Shah after intoxicating him. Further investigation is under way from the nabbed persons.