Federal Minister for Defence, Water and Power Khawaja Asif said that the government was committed to weeding out terrorism from the country.

He added that operation Zarb-e-Azb had broken the backbone of the militants and their networks. He said that it was achieving its goals and meeting with great success. He said that the operation would soon complete.

Talking to different delegations at Sialkot, Asif said that the whole nation stands united against terrorism and was ready to sacrifice even their lives in fighting terrorism shoulder to shoulder the armed forces of Pakistan for defending the motherland.

He said that the armed forces of Pakistan had been playing excellent role in uprooting militancy and terrorism from the country. He said that the government’s “effective” policies would soon give an economic and political boost to the country.

He added that the PML-N government was committed to early resolving all crises, saying that now only the PML-N had the capability to pull the country out from energy crisis.

The PML-N would make Pakistan an Asian Tiger by putting the country on the highway to stability that is priority of the government. He narrated that the new golden era of national development and prosperity had begun in the country under the leadership of PM Nawaz Sharif. The world would soon see developed Pakistan as the government was utilising all the natural resources to develop the country.