LAHORE - Progressive & Lahore Businessmen Front Alliance (PLBFA) Tuesday claimed to have full support of traders and businessmen from Bilal Ganj, Badami Bagh Auto Parts, Anarkali and Branderth Road for the upcoming election of Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry (2015-16).

PLBFA Chairman Chaudhry Muhammad Amjad and President Khalid Usman, who led the team of the Alliance’s candidates for LCCI election 2015-16 in Corporate and Associate class, visited these important markets here to secure support and vote for the PLBFA.

Addressing the traders, the PLBFA leadership and candidates said that all the parties in the Alliance have joined hands to restore dignity of the country’s most premier chamber (LCCI), which is marred because of wrong-doings of the ruling PIAF-Founders Alliance and their policy of promoting their near and dear ones ignoring all ordinary members of this platform. They vowed that they would open the doors of Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry to all the members.

Ch. Muhammad Amjad and Khalid Usman said that they were struggling to make the LCCI a platform that gives right solutions to the problems being faced by industrialists, traders and other business segments of Lahore. They said that their candidates have been selected from all segments of the businesses and representation has been given to almost all the important markets.

The PLBFA leaders said that more and more markets will be given representation in the standing committees to be formed after coming into power in the LCCI so as to have a consensus opinion on issues and wage a joint struggle for solution of the problems faced by business circles.

PLBFA Deputy Secretary Muhammad Ejaz Tanveer hoped that PLBFA, comprising four major opposition groups in the LCCI, would win the forthcoming election with a thumping majority, as their manifesto stands for services to LCCI members, who want their businesses to grow; opening up LCCI doors to all; ensuring acceleration of business and economic activities in the country for generation of more job opportunities.

He said that they would raise all the business issues at all relevant forms, help ensure businessmen access to cheaper loan for their working capital needs or expansion plans, and training/guidance of the Chamber members on different aspects of economy.