RAWALPINDI - The inefficiency and mismanagement of Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) and security forces deprived a number of fans, celebrities, diplomats of witnessing the National T20 final at Pindi Cricket Stadium.

It was a complete chaos, as angry crowd, despite having tickets, were not allowed entry into the stadium, while on the other hand, security forces stamped out their authority by letting their family and friends into the stadium.

No one could dare to ask why such discrimination was being rendered to general public. Had police high command not kept them busy in making selfies with cricketers and celebrities, they could have spare some time and gave importance to issue of grave nature.

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The hype of plight was witnessed when advisor to Prime Minister Tariq Fatami was also denied entry, despite waiting at the main gate for more than half an hour. At least two diplomats of major countries also left outside the stadium and preferred to return home. PCB chairman Shahryar M Khan and his wife were left fuming, as both tried to reach main gate, and Shaharyar asked local admin to call DIG, but no heed was paid to his request. In the meantime, Tariq Fatami also left.

Even title sponsors of Haier Pakistan’s CEO Javed Afridi had to face a lot of difficulties to enter the stadium and after a hard struggle, he managed to enter the stadium while his vehicle was sent back.

What a shame, the spectators were breaking gates, even reached the main panel and were all set to destroy main light towers, but police was busy in entertaining their bosses’ families.

It was a huge crowd to see highly-charged T20 final between Boom Boom’s Karachi Blues and Younus-led Peshawar Region. Despite already knowing there would be massive crowd to witness the final, no heed was paid, and the local admin remained busy in other areas of importance. The masses and even players and journalists were left on the mercy of angry mob. God forbid, any untoward incident could be occurred. Who would have been responsible, the PCB, local administration or any army of different agencies, who were supposed to ensure smooth passage of the event.