The B-Division Police yesterday recovered 675 hides of donkeys from a warehouse in Deengarh area. The raid was carried out following information extorted from two arrested accused.

Both the accused - Noor Elahi and his son Salim Elahi were arrested while transporting donkey hides in a truck on September 5. They, during investigation, told the police about more hides stocked in a warehouse in Deengarh which led the police to the recovery of the hides on Tuesday.

The hides are said to be worth millions of rupees. The accused are currently in the police custody on remand.

Further investigation is underway.

BODY FOUND: The dead body of a man - appeared to be 23-year-old - was recovered from the limits of Mustafabad Police. The police have taken the body to hospital for autopsy and launched search for the heirs of the deceased.