S: Let’s not go to your place today, your AC isn’t working, and I don’t want to melt in the heat this time. The last time I went there I was drowning in my own sweat.

A: Don’t exaggerate, it was bearable, the windows were open, there was a fair breeze and with the fan on it isn’t that hot. I live there, I find it manageable.

S: That is because you are a freak of nature.

A: No, I am only used to it; I have spent time in that atmosphere. You know what, you should spend more time outside you little air conditioned bubble. You work in a air conditioned office, drive an air conditioned car and live in an air conditioned house. You can’t survive out there in the real world. If one day you have to walk a couple of kilometers at noon I’m sure you’ll faint.

S: I will, I’m sure of it to. But the thing is why would I walk in the sun when I can drive? I have earned all these amenities myself, might as well enjoy them.

A: But you are crippling yourself by relying too much on them, the air conditioner will become your crutch, and in a tie of need, you won’t be able to cope. You need to turn it off for a few hours per day, just so your body can become accustomed to the heat

S: I understand that, but why should I? I devote my time to making sure that I am never bereft of air conditioning. Consider it a motivation of sorts. I won’t ever turn it off. If you could you wouldn't turn it off either.

A: Then you are a cripple who will never survive in the real world.

S: And you will survive, but will envy us air-conditioned ones.