All MQM detainees as seen on the television channels are declaring themselves thorough-bred Pakistanis and raising ‘Pakistan Zindabad’ slogans on their way to and from courts. Only a day or two ago, they were assuring Altaf of their unflinching loyalty by hollering in unison ‘Pakistan Murdabad’ and raiding media houses at his behest to destroy them. What then, explains this sudden change of heart? To me, it is all a farce and being carried out on the advice of their lawyers to produce it later as an evidence in the courts in their defence for being pro Pakistanis. If they are really so sincere to Pakistan, then they must prove their true loyalty by denouncing the traitor Altaf Hussain unequivocally.

Secondly, MQM’s 190 illegal offices in Karachi and another 80 in Hyderabad have been sealed by Law Enforcement Agencies. For how long have these offices been there? Since decades. Didn’t the Sindh governments – previous and present – know about them? Where were the city mayors to have allowed MQM to occupy plots and parks illegally and forcefully for their offices allegedly used for the collection of bhatta, qurbani skins apart from other terrorist activities, including target killings? And again, didn’t some of the MQM bigwigs have huge marriage halls illegally and forcefully constructed upon large vacant plots in some of the posh areas of Karachi? How was it all allowed to happen? Would such fascists deserve to be called honest politicians and leaders of a peaceful political party? And, now our political parties, just to serve their own interests, have the cheek to talk of giving these very dishonest criminals another chance and space to negotiate with?


Rawalpindi, August 27.