Through the letter of your esteemed newspaper, I would like to direct the attention of the Government towards the non-availability of bus stops in Karachi. Karachi is the largest metropolitan city of Pakistan, with a population of more than 27 million, yet the government has failed at the implementation of traffic laws here. One can visibly notice the to and fro of buses on the main road after every five minutes, what lacks is the availability of specific pick and drop stops along the road. A commuter can signal a bus for halting at any position, and the bus would surely stop there, regardless if it’s in the middle of the road with oncoming traffic. And therefore, bus stops are necessary for the safety of passengers and pedestrians, yet our government fails to uphold basic civic laws. As a result of these failure, on the government’s part, in upholding these laws, has caused road accidents, traffic jams and many other botherations that would otherwise have been avoided. 

I request, to the responsible authorities, to invest their efforts into rightly addressing this issue and establishing bus stops for the safety of all. 


Karachi, August 18.