CHINIOT-The acquired immunodeficiency syndrome commonly known as AIDS has affected as many as 48 people including children in Chak 127, situated in the a suburb of Chiniot in merely two and half months.
According to details, the victims' PCR samples were sent to Lahore where Director AIDS program Dr Adnan said that 30 people have PCR positive while the locals revealed that at least 17 people of two families have died due to this disease so far.
Several patients including children have been shifted to Lahore's Services Hospital for medical treatment while parents of three children refused to send them to the hospital.
Allied Hospital has also confirmed AIDS in four-year-old Hassan Ali, 10-year-old Khalida and 17-year-old Yasmeen.
On the other hand, the villagers said that a villager brought this disease from Dubai after which people are getting affected by it day by day, adding that the victims also received medication from one injection. The locals have also appealed to Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif to send rescue teams for the prevention of this AIDs outbreak.