In Pakistan, sports have sadly been neglected in regard to the unsafe conditions of our country and therefore resultantly people have adopted more inside activities. Our youth now prefers to spend their time in other activities rather than playing in the field or any other physical activity which is why they are suffering from inherent reluctance, especially when it comes to participating in sports. We need to teach our youth the vitality of outdoor sports, as they bring a constructive change in our society which will help to eradicate the anti-social activities from our society. In Pakistan, only the elite class is able to afford the luxuries of physical activities like gym, swimming and other sports. The middle and lower class, which is most of our population remains unable to afford such expenses. However, resolving this issue would be possible if Pakistan’s government is able to provide the very same facilities to all of our youth, and by indulging in these constructive hobbies would reduce the rate of underage crimes. Making sports a necessary indulgence in primary schools, colleges and universities will not only aid to the beginning of a healthy lifestyle but would also instill qualities of teamwork and unity, all the while encouraging the youth to adopt discipline and leadership.


Islamabad, August 18.