MULTAN-Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Vice Chairman Makhdoom Shah Mehmood Qureshi has said that Supreme Court's yesterday's observation has infused a new life into accountability process and the restoration of Hudaibia Paper Mills case will accomplish the incomplete story of accountability.
Addressing a gathering of PTI workers from NA-150 here on Friday, he said that the legal team of PML-N failed to raise any new point in Supreme Court while the court explained it to the masses as to why Nawaz Sharif was disqualified.
He declared that the removal of Khurshid Shah was imperative to move the accountability process forward. He added that the PTI was not interested in removing Khurshid Shah from opposition leader office but there were fears that the PPP and PML-N might make an underhand deal to protect each other's interests. "I am trying to convince Imran Khan and leadership of PTI to take steps for unearthing the underhand deal of PML-N and PPP and to end this unholy alliance," he said.
He revealed that the PTI's manifesto team was constituting a four-point manifesto and it would be presented before 2018 elections. "We'll lay the foundation of new Pakistan on the basis of this manifesto," he declared.
He said that according to the constitution the census should be held after every 10 years.
"The delimitation and distribution of resources is done on the basis of census. Since the census is done, the government should do delimitation according to the constitution," he demanded.
He said that the PML-N was in power in Punjab for the sixth term but it badly failed to deliver. "They gave just one big project in six terms and it too failed completely," he claimed. He maintained that the metro projects had so far incurred losses worth Rs710 million and the masses had to bear the burden of these losses.
He said that it was not PTI but the China's State Corporation that pinpointed corruption in Multan metro project. He declared that the PTI would pursue the investigations and take the metro corruption case to its end.
He claimed that big names would be unearthed if transparent investigations were held into metro corruption case. He maintained that the corruption mafia liited the country and it could not make progress until this mafia was crushed.
Mr Qureshi claimed that the PTI had made KPK its home and now Sindh was its next target. He claimed that PPP's home Sindh was echoing with the slogans of Imran Khan and coming election would unveil the reality of PPP's popularity in Sindh. He added that the PPP had lost Sindh card and PTI would gain further strength with the merger of Sindh National Front.
Referring to Raymond Davis case, he said that he was the first person who raised this issue and the time proved that his decision was right. He added that the time would also tell that whether or not the decision to remove opposition leader was right.
He said that the PTI held intra-party elections to promote democratic norms in the party, bring forth ideological workers and launch membership drive. He added that the parties thrived on the basis of ideologies and not wealth. He was of the opinion that the country needed ideological workers for breaking status quo.