ISLAMABAD - Almost 40 senior bureaucrats, including 14 officers of grade-22, are awaiting postings as most of them have been ignored by the ruling PTI because they had served at key positions in the last PML-N government.

Earlier on last Friday, addressing the civil servants,  Prime Minister Imran Khan said that he had no issue with the political affiliation of the civil servants but he wants best performance on their part.

The services of former Secretary Establishment Division and Chief Secretary of Punjab Maroof Afzal, a agrade-22 officer of Pakistan Administration Service (PAS), former Inspector General Sindh Amjad Saleemi, grade-22 officer of the Police Service Pakistan group, former Chief Secretary Azad Kashmir Jilal Sultan Sikandar, a grade-22 officer of PAS, are on the disposal of Establishment Division and awaiting new postings in the PTI’s government.

Similarly , the services of Rukhsana Yasmin, former Chairperson Federal Board of Revenue, a garde-22 officer of IRS, Hamid Haroon, a grade-22 officer of MLS, Sqn Ldr (retd) Shahrukh Nusrat, a grade-22 officer of PAS, Shahrukh Arbab, a garde-22 officer of PAS, Khizar Hayat Khan, grade-22 officer of PAS, Syed Khalid Akhlaq Gilani, grade-22 officer of PAS, Muhammad Mushtaq Ahmed, grade-22 officer of PAS, Furqan Bahudar Khan, grade-22 officer of PAS, Rizwan Memon, grade-22 officer of PAS and Sqn Ldr (Retd)  Iqbal Mehmood, grade-22 officer of PAS are at the mercy of new government.

The 19 officers of grade-21 of different groups, including Syed Tahir Raza Naqvi, Chaudhry Mubarak Ali, Imdadullah Bosal, Aftab Habib, Ali Raza Bhutta, Jamal Yousuf, Allah Bakshs MAlik, Ahmed Balal, Omer Rasul, Abdul Jabbar Shaheen, Arshad Mahmood, Alamuddin Bullo, Lt (retd) Ejaz Ahmed Khan, Mustaq Ahmed Shiekh, Muhammad Ajmal Khan, Moazzam Jah Ansari, Allah Dino Khawaja, Sardar Ali Khan and Capt (retd) Muhammad Amin are also posted in the Establishment Division.

The 15 officers of grade-20, including Zafar Iqbal, Aftab Ahmed Maneka, Capt (retd) Muhammad Ahmed Shah, Humayun Bashir Tarar, Capt (retd) Feroz Shah, Muhammad Wisal Fakhar Sultan, Sabir Ahmad, Muhammad Zubair Hashmi, Aijaz Ahmed Memon, Jamil Anwar, Nadeem Iqbal Abbasi, Muhammad Ramzan and Muhammad Khurshid are also in the list of awaiting posting.

According to the sources, the incumbent government sidelined most of the officers who were considered blue-eyed officers of the former government.

They said that most of the officers of grade-22 who had ordered to the Establishment Division in the caretaker and new government they had served on key positions in the last government.

They mentioned that PM Khan was also following former premier Nawaz Sharif and posted a junior officer as his Principal Secretary. PTI government posted the officers in federal and Punjab on lucrative posts who had served in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.