MANDI BAHAUDDIN-Pakistan Ex-Servicemen Society (PESS) Kissan Wing district president Mukhtar Virk said that corruption pervaded the District Revenue Department and no one among the high-ups is willing to curb the menace.

He said, "The farmers have to make several trips to Patwarkhanas for obtaining copy of record of rights and Gardawri. Unless they don't grease palms of the concerned officials, they don't get the required documents. If one pays to the satisfaction of the revenue officials, he can get the land partitioned in a week. And if he does not pay bribe, his application for partition remains pending for decades."

He added, "There is another lengthy and difficult procedure that is followed in the department. If one submits application to AC or Tehsildar for correction of record or any other matter relating to revenue, the AC/Tehsildar mark the application to Tehsildar/Gardawar who further mark the same application to Patwari for report.

The Patwari is often not available at Patwarkhana where his hired Munshi maintains records. When the Patwari is found he would endorse a few words on the application on getting some bribe. Otherwise, he would ask the applicant to meet him again." He lamented, "The applicant will continue visiting Patwarkhana with no avail. Finally he has to please the patwari for getting the report. Then reverse-action is followed.

The applicant will take patwari report to Gardawar who would write his opinion on it. Then it will be carried to Tehsildar for his comments and finally the applicant will submit the report to the AC for action." He stated, "This tiring cumbersome process takes long time that applicant has to undergo to get his right. He said attitude of revenue officials is insulting and bossing.

They treat farmers like slave and exploit them with impunity. Complaints against them are hardly considered for taking action and finally it is the applicant that suffers." He urged the new Chief Minister of Punjab to take notice of the corrupt culture gripping the revenue department and reform it by removing black sheep from it.