TOBA TEK SINGH-Different organisations of farmers have appreciated the federal government’s decision to import fertilisers and hoped that it will reduce the fertilisers’ price.

A meeting of the representatives of farmers was held on Friday with Kissan Committee leader Choudry Naeem Fateh in the chair. The participants said that in the absence of urea stock with National Fertiliser Marketing Limited (NFML), the urea price had been risen very high and its shortage remained in all those areas situated away from the fertilisers factories.

They hoped that now urea’s 50 kg bag will again be available at control price of Rs1600 and they will not be exploited by the black-marketers who were selling urea at more than double price.

Meanwhile, a former regional manager of National Fertliser Corporation Asghar Ali Tabassam told reporters that although it was a late decision of the government to save the growers from the loot of fertilisers sellers but now after taking the important decision to import urea, government should also ensure that imported urea must be arrived in the country before start of Rabi season. He added NFML will only be able to maintain normal price of urea in the market when it will have sufficient stock to supply in the required areas of the country.

He urged the government to import urea as early as possible to resolve its shortage from the markets otherwise its price could not be reduced. He added that the full running of closed urea plants in the country will take time and decision to import fertilisers will result in its smooth availability in the markets.

He also said that agriculture inputs like fertilisers, seeds and pesticides have become essential to get higher per acre yield for the cultivators but previous governments did not give attention on provision of inputs at actual rates. He suggested that the government should also consider to form a fertiliser regulatory authority to look after the production and distribution of the fertilisers and to ensure purity, price control and availability on time.