SIALKOT - Influential people have converted the ground of Govt Boys High School Kandan Sayyan, Daska into the pond of dirty water by diverting village's sewerage to the school.

According to the students and teachers, the sewerage system had been choked in the village Kandan Sayyan, about 15km away from Daska city.

The local people diverted the way of sewerage water to the ground of Govt Boys High School so the sewerage water of the village is being disposed of to the school ground. The perturbed students said, "It has become very hard for us to study in ill-smell and suffocation oozing out of the dirty water in the school's ground."

"The influential people have converted the school into a pond of dirty water by leaving no place for us to play as we are unable to study due to ill-smell which has now become unbearable for all of us," they said. Some other students added that the dirty water has surrounded the entire school building. And the students and teachers have to pass through the dirty water to reach their classrooms.

The school building was established in 1970 and now about one thousand students are enrolled. Punjab Examination Commission had already declared the school building as an examination centre for holding annual exams of fifth and eighth classes.

Meanwhile, the students, their teachers and parents strongly protested against the nasty situation. They also expressed grave concerns over the critical situation. They urged Punjab Chief Minister Sardar Usman Buzdar and Deputy Commissioner Muhammad Tahir Wattu to look into the matter and make some effective measures to revive the school ground and building.

Some unknown armed accused forcibly kidnapped Qari Ghulam Mustafa (Imam of local Jamia mosque) from his house in village Boobkaanwala, Daska tehsil here. Bambaanwala police have registered a case with no clue or arrest.

Meanwhile, the district administration has directed Gepco officials to ensure early removal of all the identified electrical polls from the route of drain project.

The Public Health Engineering Department said that 39 electrical polls were the main hurdle in the completion of Nullah between China Chowk Sialkot to Uggoki. It said that the PHED has already paid the demand notices issued by the Gepco for the removal of these polls but the officials were still reluctant to remove the polls.

The deputy commissioner expressed dismay and directed the local Gepco officials in Sialkot to ensure early removal of these electrical polls.

The DC was told that the areas between China Chowk and Uggoki were lying inundated due to the stagnant sewerage water causing great difficulties for the local people. The urgent construction of drain Naullah was direly needed there but the said electrical polls were lying main hurdle in the way of this project as well.