It is a sad fact that lecturers of Turbat’s College are neglecting poor students every times, in each segments. Before a year, Turbat’s college cricket team was going to be made by taking the trails of students, who know playing cricket, many students gave their trails very well many of good players were neglected because of not being the relatives of lecturers, I expected them as captain of the team but my ideas were wrong.  

After this incident I thought it was enough for more any injustice but again I was wrong, because newly a tour of overall Pakistan came for only Atta Shad Degree College Turbat’s students, and students were sent from this college but only again the relatives of lecturers went in this tour and this time without informing any other students. Our problems are many but doing injustice with a students is more shameful act which can ruins the life the students. So, it is my humbly request to the PM of ours to take an immense action about those lecturers who do injustice with poor students. 


Kech, August 29.