Like many others I have been shocked and surprised on reading the reports in the media involving one Mr Khawar Maneka, DPO Pakpattan, Elite Force officials and also the IGP Punjab Police. 

The IGP has claimed that Mr Khawar Maneka complained to him against the DPO Pakpattan and reportedly alleged misbehaved with him. The reports in the newspapers said that Mr Khawar Maneka did not stop at a check post when asked by the Elite Force officials on duty there and speed past in his car. The Elite Force did right thing to stop a car and one who speeded past instead of stopping at the check post could be a wanted criminal or a terrorist going after his target. 

On the face of it, the IGP should have appreciated the DPO Pakpattan and Elite Force officials for performing their duty and not only admonished the complainant but also ordered registration of a case against him for not following the law. Whosoever asked the DPO Pakpattan to visit Mr Khawar Maneka and apologise to him is all wrong . The DPO Pakpattan should have been asked to book Mr Khawar Maneka for not following the law. As everyone is equal before the law, even if the prime minister or the chief minister driving in his car without escorts was asked to stop at a police check post , he should have stopped there and then showing due respect to the law of the land. 

I do not know neither Mr Khawar Maneka and nor the DPO Pakpattan but what I have read in the newspapers about the incident is all wrong. The transfer of the DPO Pakpattan on this account is also wrong. 

Furthermore, Mr Khawar Maneka and Bushra Bibi had separated some months back on a divorce and now the lady is the wife of Mr Imran Khan who happens to be the Prime Minister of Pakistan. Why continuingly mention Mr Khawar Maneka as the former husband of Bushra Bibi only to give him u undue importance for nothing, please ? Thanks. 

M.I.H. KHAN,  

Lahore, August 28.