Health plays a great role in the world and in Pakistan a virus disease so one of the Congo virus is a very highly disease so that is increasing very fast. The Sindh health minister confirmed that more than 26 patients diagnosed with Congo haemorrhagic fever died in virus hospital of Karachi. This is not uncommon and it was during Eidul Azha festivities when largest numbers of enter in city.

So the majority of dead the virus of this time. Whenever the human through bites or close contact with animalsband that includes handing slaughtered of them .it spread through bodily ,fluids in human to human. S highly contagious virus patients to be isolated condition during treatment. According to the world health organisation WHO there is 30 percent chance of fatality after being effected. When it occur within the first two week of contracting virus some of early symptoms including fever, nausea, headaches and aftervash long time in their eyes and towards the light.

On other words, that rapid heartbeat ,skin rashes and confusion. This is the process of silent killer as infected animals, so Pakistan is late for provide health and government of Pakistan should take action on this issue solve it as soon as possible.