NRC or National Register for Citizens is the new legal tool being used by RSS lead Modi Government to subdue and ostracize ‘other’ or ‘unwanted groups’. After passage of Citizen Amendment bill, approximately two million Indian citizens, mostly Assame Muslims, have become the New Rohingyas.

West Bengal CM, Mamata Bannerjee expressed concern over a large number of Bengalis being “excluded” from the final National Register of Citizens (NRC) list, which was released in August. “The NRC fiasco has exposed all those who tried to take political mileage out of it. They have a lot to answer to the nation,” she Tweeted. The RSS leadership in Assam is now trying to make sure that any Hindus included in these two million disenfranchised people are given Citizenship of India while making the Citizen amendment bill an anti-Muslim bill.

On the contrary, the Indian External Affairs Ministry asserted that updating of the NRC in Assam was a statutory, transparent, legal process mandated by the Supreme Court, a process which is “non-discriminatory” and “leaves no room for bias and injustice”.

The benign name Citizen Amendment bill is part of a strategic and systematic programme promulgated by RSS and her political wing BJP and is gradually being applied to suffocate the minorities into subhuman ghettos and bulldoze the Nazi agenda to create the Hindutva Republic by 2023.

Mukul Kesavan is an Indian intellectual and opinion maker, his Telegraph article was most probably taken off due to Indian establishment’s pressure. He identified the targeted ‘others’ in Indian polity and how they are being named and shamed by RSS. Kesavan talks of “the disloyal Kashmiri ingrate, the insidious Bengali infiltrator, the beef-eating cattle thief, the preying Romeo, the ghettos crowded with burqas and beards,” or they could be the traitorous ‘urban naxal’, the liberal anti-national or the westernised secularist.

Rajshree Chandra in Indian Wire magazine points to strategic suffocation of minorities in India and how it is creating another apartheid of its kind. Since she makes an intellectual and comprehensive argument, we have tried to maintain the originality of her thoughts to draw pertinent conclusions.

She has termed these ‘others’ as ‘foreign-bodies”, who are identified by RSS as enemies of the nation, to be subjugated, sacrificed and made socially disposable. What then could be some of the ways in which these ‘foreign bodies’ are to be disciplined and punished? These technologies of control (the antibodies) can be classified under three heads – legal-constitutional, legal-exceptional, and extra-legal. Their efficacious deployment rests on a multiple user-base and concurrent deployment. Nurtured by the majoritarian ethic, for every internal enemy located there are thousands of vigilantes willing to combat and, for every enemy subjugated, there are millions of spectators willing to cheer or look the other way.

Chandra further expands on how these ‘technologies of control’ are being applied by RSS. “Let’s start with the last. Extra-legal modes are those that operate in the obscure space between legality and illegality. Not expressly sanctioned by law or its agencies, the shadowy arm of law insidiously backs and assists. Exonerating Pehlu Khan’s killers, sending the meat, not dead Akhlaq’s body for forensic analysis, not registering FIRs, charge-sheeting victims of lynchings are some ways in which law forsakes its unfavoured citizens”.

On constitutional mechanism, Chandra explains, “the instrument of choice could be the vigilance of statutory or constitutional bodies like CBI, ED (Enforcement directorate), Income Tax Department or the CAG(Comptroller and Auditor General). It could be religious profiling and purging of migrants through the National Register for Citizens (NRC), or their selective induction through the Citizenship amendment Bill, 2019. Or it could be the supremely cunning constitutional amendments that disabled Article 370 and turned Jammu and Kashmir into a union territory.”

In nutshell RSS agenda for establishing the Hindutva republic by 2023 cannot be implemented till the time ‘others’ are eliminated as a social group, stigmatized and suffocated to live like sub-humans.

Unfortunately, the so called international community is not prosecuting India for blatant violation of international law, human rights and creating the modern apartheid in 21st Century. Political expediency, alliances, groupings and economic interests dominate international relations and India, being a big market, knows that she can keep crushing the liberal and dissenting voices till the time she has some dollars in her kitty.

Despite RSS’ Nazi agenda, its head honchos are probably oblivious of the fact that downtrodden classes in India constitute 77% of India; if we glance at the Mandal commission Report of 1980 and assume that the population in different classes has grown at same rate, then the ruling upper class in India only constitutes 23% of the population. Muslims, Dalits, Adivasis or Scheduled Tribes and Shudras combined form 77% of the Indian demography and practically such large portion of population cannot remain subdued for good.

To conclude, the RSS created Indian apartheid is a monolith with different branches and sequels, it is presented and morphs into different shapes through a well thought out strategy as described by Mukul and Chandra. Its main target are actually the majority of 77% of India, however RSS has successfully hoodwinked this 77% through divide and rule tactics and threat of lynch mobs. The BJP majority gained through vote is now being used to apply all constitutional and unconstitutional ploys and tactics to target the majority and RSS is gradually building up a case for Hindutva Republic.

While International community may sleep over this blatant rise of Nazism and creation of modern apartheid in India, Pakistan has a role to play for not only Kashmiris and Muslims in mainland India but also for the entire 77% downtrodden and hapless people. Intoxicated by power gained through subterfuge and deceit, Modi has actually ignited various fault-lines in Indian Union, which can be exploited by assuring the 77% downtrodden of India that Pakistan is a symbol of hope for them.