Self Medication means to take medication without a doctor’s prescription and self medication is a human behaviour in which an individual uses a substance or any exogenous influence to self-adninister treatment for physical or psychological meats when people feel a small pain fever headache or any kinds of restless, they take commonly use medicine specially tablets or syrups which are too much dangerous for health.

Reality has became a habit of people taking medicine without prescription of physicians. Date from the brazition association of pharmaceutical industries indicate that at least 20,000 deaths are caused by using self medication and also according to the doctors that self medication is very dangerous for health and they said that it became difficult for them to diagnose the self medication patient. However self medication has harmful effects on health. Self Medication increasing the expenses of treatment also.

Finally, it is necessary to inform the people about harmful consequences of the medication. Both doctors and government should play a very positive role in eradicating self medication. And also government should update the list drugs which should not be given without any prescription. It would help us to prevent self medication.