It is good to note and appreciate that the NAB Chairman has taken notice of reports about at napping from the PNCA and has ordered NAB Rawalpindi to conduct inquiry and submit the initial report within a fortnight. This is apparently a delayed move by any agency though in the right direction as the findings, if taken to their logical conclusions, will save the only national institution of its kind from further depletion or thefts of precious national art treasure preserved by PNCA for years together.

While appreciating this move which appears to be in the national interest, the worthy NAB Chairman is requested to expand the scope of the inquiry by NAB Rawalpindi to also probe the appointments made by the Federal Education Minister and part-time Culture Minister from Lahore during the last two years in PNCA, National Art Gallery, Shakir Ali Museum Lahore and Central Board of Film Censors to say the least.

There are reports about his excessive indulging in sheer nepotism and favouritism and obliging close relatives in flagrant violations of the rules and regulations.