The monsoon rains fall in every nook and corner of the country carrying bringing numerous problems, leaving the innocent citizens at the mercy of self-centred stakeholders. The province affected the most is Sindh and Karachi in particular. The fake leaders, mealy-mouthed stakeholders, and double-dealing owners pretend to save Karachi. They seem to be concerned only about the revenue generated.

Unfortunately, Karachi has always had fair-weather friends. The present rainfall in the metropolitan city has devastated the infrastructure. The roads are torn, houses drowned, and streets have turned into rivers. People had hardly gotten rid of the pandemic when this new problem sprang up, compelling people to stay home again. Moreover, power breakdown was inevitable in such a disastrous monsoon. Recently, the government has announced flood alerts in rural areas. The condition of Sindh is the most terrifying in these following days. We remember the destruction caused by flood in 2010. Thousands of people were displaced and rehabilitation took almost years. Hopefully, we will not see a repeat of this!


Channa Machi.