ISLAMABAD - Pakistan Mulsim League – Nawaz leaders said yesterday that PML-N respected decision of Islamabad High Court but it would not be wise to put at risk Nawaz Sharif’s life by forcing him to return to Pakistan without completion of his medical treatment. At a press conference in Islamabad, PML-N parliamentary leader Khawaja Asif, former prime minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi and former interior minister Ahsan Iqbal said Nawaz Sharif went abroad through orders of the court and on insisting of government doctors, government ministers and Imran Khan. They said Nawaz Sharif made history by leaving his wife on the death bed and returning to face the justice system despite having serious reservations. They pointed out that it was decided that Nawaz Sharif would consistently submit his medical reports and the government would present verification of his medical condition through the High Commissioner in the UK. They said Nawaz has been submitting these reports regularly and the government has not challenged a single one of these reports. On the other hand, they said the government did not provide any plausible proof through the high commission that Nawaz was lying. The PMLN leaders said that Nawaz has never dodged the judiciary and has always faced the courts which he will again when he returns after completion of his treatment. They explained that Nawaz’s return has been delayed because his treatment has been delayed due to Covid-19 protocols. The PML-N top leaders slammed Imran Khan for ridiculing Nawaz’s medical condition and wishing the death for him by saying that he sent the PML-N Quaid abroad because he thought he would die in a couple of days so he didn’t want that to happen in Pakistan during his government. They said Imran wanted to jeopardise Nawaz’s life because his entire existence and the existence of his government depended on bashing and victimising the PML-N Quaid. 

They said Imran was trying to avoid real questions being asked by the people about the soaring inflation, unemployment, tripped tariffs of electricity and gas, inaction over Indian annexation of Kashmir and all other issues because this government has been an astounding failure in every possible way.They said PML-N lawyers quoted multiple precedents including that of Pervez Musharraf who was exonerated while he was a proclaimed absconder in a death penalty case. With all these reports, facts, Nawaz’s past conduct and legal precedents, it is now a test of Pakistan’s judicial system, they concluded.