ISLAMABAD    -   Chairman Jammu and Kashmir Salvation Movement (J&KSM) Altaf Ahmed Bhat on Tuesday welcomed UN High Commissioner’s statement regarding the ongoing human rights violations in Indian Occupied Kashmir.

UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet has recently mentioned that in Indian-controlled Kashmir incidents of military and police violence against civilians continue including use of pellet guns, many legal changes including new domicile rules are generating deep anxiety.

In a statement, the J&KSM chief added that the Indian propaganda, lies and fake news regarding normalcy of situations in illegally occupied IOJ&K is exposed before the world now. Indian occupied Kashmir is under twin lockdown and the Modi-led government in India has paralyzed Kashmir for the last 408 days. The world is now aware of the fact that Kashmir is burning and Modi has become a threat to the peace of South Asia.

Bhat further said that Modi, Amit Shah, and Ajit Doval introduced illegal domicile law during the COVID-19 outbreak to change the demography of the region and within 3 months more than 1.5 million domiciles have been issued to outsiders. If this illegal domicile law which is defying the International Law and UN Resolutions not stopped then demography of illegally occupied Kashmir will be totally changed within a few years, he cautioned.

He added that Kashmir is and must remain on the agenda of the UN Security Council, it is an international dispute which must be resolved as per the resolutions of the United Nations. Peace and stability of South Asia require peace in Kashmir, which is a nuclear flashpoint and the world powers and international organizations must see reality and stop Modi from starting a nuclear war and jeopardizing the peace and stability of the whole of South Asia.