ISLAMABAD - Out of 14 dialysis machines installed in the PIMS, only four are properly functioning, four others are completely out of order whereas the remaining six are also in dilapidated condition causing extreme difficulties to the patients. Four dialysis machines are completely defective for last one year and the administration is paying no heed to repair it due to which poor patients are being badly affected. Time and again the patients have registered complaints to the PIMS administration but all in vain, said an uncle of one of patients while talking to TheNation. My niece is suffering from kidney problem and she is being treated at the PIMS, adding that she has to put on dialysis twice a week but due to large number of patients she has to wait for a long time. Giving appointments to hundreds of patients on just nine dialysis machines further worsen patients' problem, as they have to wait to get their turn, he added. The PIMS administration is well aware of the issue but has left the matter on the mercy of company engineers from where machines were purchased, said a PIMS official while requesting anonymity. The dialysis units started functioning in the PIMS in 1986 and initially five dialysis machines were installed and within passage of 12 years nine more machines were provide to the unit. Dialysis is a medical process through which a person's blood is cleansed of the toxins the kidneys normally would flush out. It is generally used when kidneys of a person are no longer functioning properly. This can be a result of congenital kidney disease, long-term diabetes high blood pressure or other conditions. When PIMS spokesperson Dr Waseem Khawja was contacted he said currently nine dialysis machines are functioning in the PIMS. "If any of the dialysis machines are defective we would try to repair as soon as possible," he assured.