I am amused by Colonel Harish Puri's rather bizarre and comical open letter to General Kiyani. He twists the facts giving perverse turns to reality to suit his convenience. At the outset, he quotes a totally disjointed army quip to say Indian officers and Pakistani soldiers would make a fearsome combination in combating an adversary. Mr Puri has an objection that Pakistani officers were more into real estate and defence colonies than soldiering. At least, they are into a healthy activity unlike the Indian colonels who are burning alive the passengers of Samjhota Express. And what about officials of the Indian Navy that snore soundly while a handful of people quietly make their way penetrating their vigil to land on the Mumbai coastline for unleashing mayhem. It would be instructive to recall that Ajmal Kasab and company, in all probability, were logistically supported by the local populace. This should give a fair idea to Colonel Puri regarding the efficacy, or lack of it, of the Indian fighting machine. So much for the Indian Army I sincerely wish such episodes are not repeated in future. Colonel Puri's letter to General Kiyani carries a vicious taint. Perhaps, he does not realize that the Nizam-e-Adal Regulation demanded by the Taliban in Malakand division has been sanctified by the entire Parliament. If the people of that area want Shariat, so be it. But it is a totally internal affair. Can we in Pakistan demand the Indians to ban RSS and other right wing Hindu militant parties? The Pakistan army under the able leadership of Gen. Kiyani can only be utilized as a tool and instrument for larger political settlement of issues. If Colonel Puri is so concerned about the Talibanization in Pakistan, he would do well to ask his government to close the Indian consulates in Afghanistan and stop stoking fire in Pakistan's Balochistan. -ERAJ ZAKARIA, Lahore, March 16