The existence of atomic weapons has made the world extremely insecure. President Obama has declared that America would rid the world of all the existing nuclear weapons. What a news The non-nuclear countries must be jubilant. But the nuclear powers must be morose. Each nuclear power enjoys military supremacy over all the non-nuclear countries. The extinction of the nuclear weapons would be the extinction of the military supremacy of the nuclear powers. Apparently, America would be the greatest loser. Not at all. Instead of being the greatest loser, America would be the greatest gainer. Unfortunately, the world doesn't know what America thinks about itself. The world stupidly believes that America is a part of the globe. But America firmly believes that it is not a part of the world but a superb independent entity. America has plans to rid all the nuclear powers of their nuclear weapons. But being not a part of the world, its nuclear arsenal would remain intact. As God and the Cosmos are two separate entities, so America and the world are two separate entities. As the Cosmos must obey God's commands, so the World must obey America's commands. If America stripped the world of its nuclear weapons but did not strip itself of its weapons, the world would accuse America of practising dual morality. The accusation would be a nonsensical accusation. It would be like a goat accusing a lion of being a carnivorous animal. Actually, America is a sun and the world is a planet. The planet must keep helplessly revolving around America. Since America is not a part of the globe, all the compilers of dictionaries must correct the definition of the word 'world'. Henceforth, they must not misinform the innocent students learning geography. As America and the world are two distinct entities, likewise the American administration and the common Americans are two distinct entities. Since America's occupation of Afghanistan, the American masses have been furiously shrieking against the occupation. But the administration has been consistently turning deaf ears to the protests. Since America claims itself to be a democracy, the American administration has granted the masses full freedom of shrieking to the best of their capabilities. Unfortunately, America is not a genuine democracy. Had it been a genuine democracy, it would have held a referendum to know the wishes of the masses. But no Is it not enough that the masses are absolutely free to yell up and down America? The NATO nations also have their soldiers in Afghanistan. The NATO nations are also democracies. Ever since NATO's presence in Afghanistan, every NATO nation has been asking its government to withdraw from Afghanistan. But the protests have been as barren as the Afghanistani mountains. Had the administrations of the NATO countries held referendums in their countries, all the referendums would have blasted the presence of the NATO forces in Afghanistan. But referendums were not held. Actually, every administration silently said: "Is it not enough that the masses are free to yell? How glorious the NATO countries' democracies are Since America is not a part of the globe, no Security Council, no International Court of Justice, no International Atomic Energy Commission can dare question America about its international activities. There is absolutely nothing illegal or immoral about whatever America fancies to do. There is only one other creature which enjoys this brand of freedom. It is the Devil. But there is a difference between the Devil and America. America has a divine right to question the conduct of any country of the world. But the poor Devil is deprived of this privilege. In English language, an acronym is a word formed from the initial letters of other words. Here are three examples: (1) NATO is an acronym for North Atlantic Treaty Organisation. (2) IAEA is an acronym for International Atomic Energy Agency. (3) Wapda is an acronym for Water and Power Development Authority. Unfortunately, the world doesn't know that 'America' is also an acronym. It is formed from: A Mighty Empire Repressing Impotent Countries Autocratically. The countries which are being repressed by America must insert the acronym 'America' in all the textbooks being used by their students. Let's hope that President Obama practically demonstrates that America is not what it was under his predecessor. Would it be hoping against hope? But there is no harm in hoping. We don't have to pay anything for it. Luckily, hoping is a free gift of nature. The writer is an academic