New York (Online) - ISI Chief Lt Gen Ahmed Shuja Pasha left Washington for Islamabad after a hectic 24 hours of meetings in the US while CIA and ISI have agreed to develop working relations for combating terrorism. Gen Pasha during his brief stay in the US met with various leaders of the intelligence community, according to sources who were aware of Gen Pashas meetings. Gen Pasha met with Director of National Intelligence Dennis Blair as well as CIA Chief Leon Ponetta, who visited Pakistan just a few weeks back, sources said. These meetings were held to repair the strained relationship between the two spy agencies, the sources said. Leon Ponneta and Mr Pasha during their meeting agreed to develop a working relationship between the CIA and the ISI. It may be recalled that a couple of weeks back the ISI came under scathing criticism not only from the American media but none other that Gen Petraus, who is now tasked with overseeing the operations in Afghanistan. When Richard Holbrooke and Admiral Mike Mullen visited Pakistan last week, reports surfaced that Gen Pasha refused to meet them as a result of the criticism. In Washington, sources said that Gen Pasha assured American officials that the ISI was doing all it can to combat the terrorist and urged American officials to share intelligence it has with the ISI, instead of criticising it.