Describing economic and political stability as critical to Pakistan's anti-terror success, Islamabad's ambassador to the United States Husain Haqqani Friday urged Washington and other world capitals to show patience and understanding for his country's multifaceted effort to turn the tide of violent extremism afflicting the region. Haqqani wrote in an article in the Far Eastern Economic Review that Pakistan stands as a crossroad in choices, futures and destinies and it needs demonstration of support and trust by its partners, including the United States, to forge ahead successfully in its fight against forces of parochialism. Commenting on questions being raised about the parliament-mandated decision on "Nizam-e-Adl" in Swat he stressed that developments in the scenic valley in the northwest "should not detract us from the greater battle against extremist ideology and terrorism in Pakistan and the greater Middle East." The question is not whether we are willing to confront terrorism. We are. The question is if we are able, and to answer this we need the support of the community of nations." Continuing, he reminded that "President Asif Zardari clarified the situation when he said Tuesday that the agreement to allow Nizam-e-Adl (or traditional judicial system) does not amount to imposition of Sharia rule in Swat and that the agreement would be reviewed if it fails to bring peace and secure disarmament of the valley's Islamic vigilantes." He said the people of Pakistan have emerged from a decade of dictatorship and they need assurance from the rest of the world that the community of nations is committed to supporting us as a frontline in defense of modern civilization. "Pakistanis are increasingly threatened by the callous intimidation of militancy, not just in our tribal areas but more and more in other parts of our federation. The people of Pakistan are in the trenches of a brutal and decisive battle that could very well determine the future of civilization. Patience and a willingness to listen to Pakistani solutions could be the greatest strength of the Obama-Biden-Clinton-Kerry-Holbrooke approach for Pakistan.