THE attack by activists of Hindu extremist group Shri Ram Sene on Pakistani journalists at a seminar organized by the India International Centre in New Delhi on Wednesday, presented a sad spectacle. That it happened during a discussion to examine whether it is media jingoism that is fanning India-Pakistan problems is even more disturbing. The incident cannot go unnoticed by merely describing it as part of the election rhetoric by the BJP or other extremist organizations trying to consolidate their votebank by demonstrating anti-Pakistan sentiments for political gains. The incident has exposed the true Indian face, already scarred by the growing communalism. The Indian leadership, which wants the country to be seen as a shining example of a secular state, needs to get its own house in order before accusing Islamabad of harbouring extremism. Regrettably, the Indian media has kept mum instead of condemning the elements involved in this shameful incident.