LAHORE - The mystery of stowaway missing rat in a PIAs A-310 is still unsolved as the plane is still grounded at the Allama Iqbal International Airport even after more than 66 hours have passed till the filing of this report, the sources in Civil Aviation Authority said on Thursday. They disclosed that a team of doctors arrived from Karachi had fumigated the plane for the second time to kill the rat and plane was made airtight once again for the next 24 hours. The plane was grounded following detection of a large well-fed rat on board the aircraft, which had just returned on a flight PK258 from Karachi via Doha to Lahore. It landed in the city on Tuesday morning at 5am and was scheduled to depart for Karachi as PK 303. According to our investigation, a rat was detected in the Business Class by the passengers, who refused to travel until the rat was removed. An aircraft engineer seeking anonymity said there is a series of bunch of wires spreading all over the aircraft from the front reaching to the tail and along the wings. If any of these wires are cut by a rat, it can lead to number of abnormalities which can lead to a fire as a consequence of electrical shortening as well as complete or partial loss of flight controls. It is to be noted that in March 2009 too a PIA Boeing 777 was stranded at Milan (Italy) following detection of a rat by the cabin-cleaning staff, sources added. Safety rules require that a rat if found on board must be found dead or alive and could only be cleared after thorough inspection by a qualified aircraft engineer with clearance from Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). In the case of Milan bound PK 769, a Boeing 777, the aircraft departed after clearance from Chief of Flight Safety based in Karachi, without proper clearance from CAA approved aircraft engineers at Lahore. The aircraft was stranded at MILAN by European Aviation Safety Agencys SAFA inspectors, who required corrective action before resuming the next flight, which in this case was detection of the rat and its removal from the airplane. A cat was also found within a Boeing 777 in 2008, which departed from New York and landed at Manchester. The cat emerged during the flight from below the rudder pedals located in the cockpit in front of the pilots seat. The aircraft was stranded at Manchester for over 48 hours and only cleared for next journey after the cat was found inculcating heavy loss cost to the national flag carrier. On the other hand, despite the repeated attempts PIAs spokesman could not be contacted for asserting his point of view. Amraiz Khan