RAWALPINDI - Lal Masjid former chief cleric, Maulana Abdul Aziz was released on bail from a sub jail here on Thursday evening while hundreds of citizens welcomed him outside the house. He was released after M Ehtasham-ul-Haq submitted surety bonds worth Rs 200,000. The former chief cleric was detained at Safari villas Rawalpindi, which was declared as sub jail by the authorities. Maulana had been held since just before the 'Operation Silence in July 2007. Anti Terrorist Court (ATC) Rawalpindi No.1 judge Chaudhry Habib-ur-Rehman had issued release orders of the accused following the orders of the Supreme Court of Pakistan. Earlier, the Supreme Court accepting a bail petition ordered the release of Maulana Abdul Aziz for bail money amounting to Rs 200,000 in a case of forced occupation of a childrens library. There were 27 cases against him. Bail had been granted earlier in 25 cases out of a total of 27 and one had been dropped while a three-member bench of the Supreme Court, comprising Justice Javed Iqbal, Justice Sarmad Jalal Usmany and Justice Syed Zahid Hussain, Wednesday granted bail to former Lal Masjid Khatib Maulana Abdul Aziz in Children Library occupation case. After his release, Maulana Abdul Aziz moved to Lal Majid Islamabad leading a procession of hundreds of people. MTA16G Our Staff Reporter from Islamabad adds: A large number of people Thursday gathered at Lal Masjid to welcome Maulana Abdul Aziz who was released by the police from Rawalpindi. A number of Lal Mosque and Jamia Hifza students along with students of other religious seminaries and supporters started reaching Lal Mosque when television cannels flashed the story of his release. Later, Maulana Aziz was brought to Lal Mosque Islamabad in a rally where he was warmly welcomed by a cheering crowd. However, some emotional moments were observed when Maulana reached Lal Mosque and people started chanting slogans. Addressing the gathering at Lal Mosque, Maulana Abdul Aziz said that the movement for Nifaz-e-Shariah would continue and the sacrifices of Lal Mosque martyrs would bring the revolution. Earlier, talking to a private TV channel, Maulana Abdul Aziz said that his release was not a result of any deal with the government and he would continue his peaceful struggle for the implementation of Islamic Law in whole of the country. To a query he said that he had no intention to register a case against the killing of his brother and other students of Lal Mosque and Jamia Hifza as he would concentrate on his mission. It is sad that we have declared others war as our own and the declaration is creating problem for the country. The suicide attacks being carried out in the country are a response to the killing of innocent people and injustice, Maulana said.