A SCHOOLGIRLS heartfelt letter has convinced mobile phone company '3 to save her beloved horse after she discovered a marking identical to the companys logo on its neck. Phoebe Bone, 11, was faced with losing her nine-month-old foal because her parents could not afford to keep him. Parents Melanie, 39, and Lee, 42, were shocked to find their new horse Lily was pregnant. Having used their savings to buy Lily, the couple soon realised they could not afford to keep the horse and her foal, Bertie. Bertie would have had to go up for sale during a time when few people can afford to take on a horse and some owners have even had their animals put down. Phoebe wrote a moving letter to bosses at '3, telling them about her special 'number three horse and begging them to save him. She wrote: 'He [Bertie] is really sweet and funny and I love him so much. 'I know that I said that I would sell him but I cant, not now. Now that I have got to know him and he is really good for me. 'Everybody says that he has good manners for a foal and they say that it is because of the way that I am with him. 'My Mum and Dad do not have lots of money, my Dad is a plasterer and my Mum doesnt work because she looks after my brother. 'I would really like to keep Bertie but I dont think that my Mum and Dad can afford it. 'I was wondering if you would like to use his pictures in your adverts or if you would like to sponsor him and maybe pay something towards his stable and feed which is about 35 pounds per week. Bosses at '3 were so moved by Phoebes letter they came to her rescue, volunteering the 1000 stable fee for Bertie. The little foal is now something of a celebrity, trotting around his yard in a unique blanket designed especially for him by the mobile phone company. Phoebe said she would have been devastated if she had had to sell Bertie. Mr Bone, a plasterer, and full-time mother Mrs Bone, admitted they were not wealthy people but could just about afford to buy and keep one horse for their daughter. Mrs Bone said: 'Lee and I were both shocked - everyone was saying how lovely it was but we didnt think it was lovely - the costs had just doubled The couple regretfully suggested selling Bertie but Phoebe had become so attached to the tiny foal she couldnt bear to see him go. And, after noticing the special 'three marking on his neck, she had a brainwave. The dedicated youngster wrote a long heartfelt letter to '3 explaining her parents couldnt afford to keep Bertie and she needed help. Phoebe suggested the company use Bertie in their adverts, she even offered to wear the company logo while competing with him at show jumping events. And within just two weeks, the company had replied offering to give Phoebe 1,000 towards stable fees as well as a grooming kit and set of blankets for the foal. DM