What if the two nests of intrigue, conspiracy, and deceit - the US Embassy and UK High Commission - are packed off from Islamabad? As many as 200 CIA operatives, the largest number in any country of the world, reportedly operate from here. How much did Musharraf relent to the US? Has the present government by its sheer impotence improved upon it? Questions such as these badger many minds. Truth is that our nuclear assets are in great peril of being compromised. These assets are not likely to fall in the hands of the extremists as is croaked daily in an incredible barrage by the foreign news media and think-tanks; these are in fact threatened due to the machinations of the Anglo-American establishment. Is our government aware of the danger posed to our assets, our mainstay, our only credible line of defence against our giant hostile neighbour, India? The fake war on terror is inching forward into our mainland. US administration has refused to halt the drone attacks. What is our top hierarchy thinking? Shouldn't it be taking the people into confidence by letting them know what is actually happening? -MIRZA TUFTAN BAIG, Lahore, via e-mail, April 7.