There have been a series of bomb blasts recently in the country causing heavy losses both in men and material. After each such incident, our leaders from President to the ordinary minister come out with a statement of condemnation in print and electronic media. We, the public, are now sick of this rhetoric of condemnation. We would like to see resignations by some officials responsible for our security starting from the Advisor on Interior. Let us have some competent people in our interior ministry who can devise effective steps to provide security to the general public. The present men at helm, it seems, are only bothered about the security of the VVIPs. We see foolproof security arrangements whenever a VVIP is on the move anywhere but there are always loopholes in the security of public gatherings in mosques, educational institutions, shopping malls etc that are exploited by the terrorists to inflict heavy casualties on us. Condemnations in routine follow every time that happens. But our leaders issue these condemnations while ensconced in the luxury that they live in at the expense of the common man. They run the exchequer dry with their frequent foreign jaunts in official aeroplanes with full load of cronies. The rich furnishing of their official residences and camp offices is in the tradition of Moghul emperors. The public is justified in requesting the rulers to be austere in their living. About time also they got down to the business of working in the interest of the country and stopped telling lies to the public that they are wont to do. -MUHAMMAD AZHAR KHWAJA, Lahore, via e-mail, April 5.