KARACHI - The high prices of furnace oil has resulted into low power generation by the Karachi Electric Supply Company (KESC). The current price of furnace oil is around Rs24.23 per litre. The cost of per unit power generated by KESC through furnace oil would be in the range of Rs10 which is not affordable for the company, sources in KESC said. The metropolitan is witnessing power shutdown of 8 to 9 hours on rotational basis and hit almost all the areas of Karachi. The general public and business community has been largely disturbed due to these prolonged power outages. It is pertinent to mention here that the company is saving its revenue by reducing production of electricity on furnace oil. The management has given the reason several times that due to huge financial losses and to overcome the situation the company is not eager to enhance its oil bill. So, the generation capacity of the company is dependent on gas that is cheaper. The power utility has failed to meet the demand of electricity in the City as the company is generating only 300MWs on furnace oil from Bin Qasim Power Plant which could be high up to 800MWs if the KESC wants to do so. 300MWs is generated on gas at Bin Qasim, while rest of the required electricity is supplied by Wapda and IPPs, said a source. He said that it was the responsibility of the KESC to provide electricity to the City but on the contrary the company had neglected its duty towards its customers. If the company would have started generation on oil, the power crisis had been solved. He maintained that during last 3 years the demand for electricity in the City has hiked up to 600MWs, while during this period the deficiency reached up to 200MWs. This largest City of the country needs 1,000MWs of electricity which requires Rs100 billion investment in the power generation field. Unless or until this step has been taken, there is no chance to eliminate the existing power condition of the City. Meanwhile, to make the situation more worst for the people of the metropolitan, the KESC has started sending average bills to its valued customers. We have got the bill of Rs2,000 while we have faced 8 hours of loadshedding the whole month. Its an average bill and we have complaint about this situation several times as it is happening for the last few months but it all goes in vain, said a citizen from Gulshan-e-Iqbal. If we say the company has sent average bills to its 25 per cent consumers than it makes the total of 0.5 million consumers. Out of these 0.5 million people, 90 per cent consumers of this utility paid off their bills and this makes a huge amount of revenue for the company, said a consumer from PECHS. Moreover, the demand and supply gap deepens up to 500MWs. The demand of electricity stood at 2,200MWs and it is mounting day by day as Celsius is rising in the City. Two power units at Bin Qasim are shutdown due to maintenance problem.